The Life You’ve Imagined


Are you living the life you imagined? Is there anything you’d have done differently if you could? Those are the questions asked in Kristina Riggle’s unforgettable new novel.

In high school, Cami and Anna were as close as they could be…now, years later, both have returned to their hometown to face the people they had once left behind. Anna must confront her mother, still distraught over the abandonment of her husband, and come to terms with choices she had made years before. While Cami returns home to stay with her alcoholic father, she uncovers a secret he sought to keep which could change her life and salvage her future. They reconnect with their classmate, Amy, who can’t understand why achieving the thin body and handsome man of her dreams hasn’t given her the happily-ever-after she desired. This is a novel that digs deep and touches the heart of the issues so many women face-the quest for perfection, the hope of love, the value of family and importance of always striving for your dream.


Selected by independent booksellers as an IndieNext “Notable” Pick for September 2010

“(Riggle) explores what happens when real life diverges sharply from childhood dreams. Her strong and complicated female characters are interesting and likable, and she ably weaves together multiple story lines.”

“An entertaining, challenging story with the power to change us if we let it.”
The Grand Rapids Press

“Rich, messy and real…Kristina Riggle is going to be my official go-to for novels about the complications of everyday life.”
—The Devourer of Books

“In this engaging, companionable novel about family, expectations, and adversities overcome, Kristina Riggle performs the admirable feat of giving us characters who are somehow both familiar and wonderfully original. Unpredictable, touching, and true, The Life You’ve Imagined is a stand-out story; I devoured it and wanted more.”
—Therese Fowler, author of Souvenir and Reunion

“Are you living the life you’ve imagined? This is a universal and timeless question that can be difficult to answer, but Riggle’s second novel examines this particular inquiry with humor, insight, and empathy…This will make a great book club selection.”
—Roni K. Devlin, owner of Literary Life Bookstore

“THE LIFE YOU’VE IMAGINED is a richly woven story laced with unforgettable characters. Cami, Maeve, Anna, and Amy will snag your heart as they explore the sometimes-wide chasm between hope and reality. A beautiful book.”
—Therese Walsh, author of The Last Will of Moira Leahy

“Backed by Riggle’s trademark unflinching honesty and imbued with heart and hope, THE LIFE YOU’VE IMAGINED is a terrific novel about love and loss, letting go and holding on. A book to share with family and friends—I loved it.”
—Melissa Senate, author of The Secret of Joy

“Kristina Riggle writes women’s fiction with soul. Her characters are both familiar and quirky, and reading their stories is like spending a weekend catching up with your oldest friends. You come away laughing and also touched that someone knows you so well.”
—Tiffany Baker, New York Times bestselling author of The Little Giant of Aberdeen County